Have you ever thought about how much time
you waste on finding the right expert? Instead, spend your time wisely on the right crowd, by using our AI powered screening.

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Hiring for expert position is hard - so let us help

You have one or more open expert positions and get bombarded with applications? We know that feeling. With the right screening you can save yourself a lot of ressources and nerves. Because nothing sinks a project faster than the wrong choice in supporting power.

  • We test your applicants and present you with the top candidates that fit to your role
  • Make decisions based on real skills (we test them) and real experience
    (we interview them)
  • Get data to support your choice, and set up your project for success.
  • Powered by AI.

How we screen differently?

Over the years we have spent a lot of time on figuring out how to streamline the recruiting process while maintaining
high quality – so you dont have to. Here is how it works:

  • You send your applicants our test-link
  • They register and complete tasks and tests so we can qualify their skills
  • Top experts are interviewed and carefully matched to your needs
  • You receive the top 2-3 applications, with all test results, evaluations and notes from our domain experts – so you can take a confident decision.

Here is how it works


Talk to our senior expert

You show us the role and the goal you try to achieve. Based on this, we build a test journey that highlights the skills you need.


You send the test, we do the rest.

You send a personalized link to your applicants. We interview the top scorers and finish a profile for every candidate that really fits your profile.


You decide

All candidates will fit for your role. You can forget the rest. Make your decision based on the candidate reports (test & interview), and how the candidates fit to your company.



Starting at
997 EUR
  • One time fee per role.
What you get:
  • One fixed and transparent fee per role – no matter the amount of candidates.
  • 2-3 of the top candidates that fit your role (fit = the right skills, the right experience and the right vibe).
  • Detailed reports of your candidates performance.
  • Hours of saved time.

Let’s have a chat

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call us. We are happy to answer.
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Patrick Güra

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Mihai Singeorzean

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Marija Veljkovic

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Patrick Güra

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Mihai Singeorzean

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Ana Perovic

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Marco Schlomann

Frequently Asked Questions

At Screen.Experts, our approach is simple yet effective. We take the time to understand your specific needs based on the profile you are seeking and the goals you aim to achieve with your project. We then design a series of tests that are tailored to identify the best matches for your project’s objectives. Our focus is on ensuring that candidates not only showcase their abilities but also deliver real performance. To maintain the integrity of our testing process, we have experienced CTO-level interviewers who can delve deep into methods and assess a candidate’s expertise. This rigorous approach guarantees that you receive the best possible fit. However, it’s important to note that our results are dependent on the quality of applicants you provide us. If you require assistance in attracting high-quality applicants, we offer our add.experts service to help you in that regard.

To initiate role briefing process, we will require a few key details. Firstly, we would like to review your profile so that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of what you are currently seeking. Additionally, during an interview, we need to grasp the specifics of your project and its goals. This information is equally vital in ensuring a successful match alongside the candidate’s profile.

The selection of top scorers and candidates to be interviewed is based on their performance in the tests. We evaluate the scores achieved by candidates, taking into consideration the specific profile requirements and project goals. The candidates who demonstrate exceptional performance and align closely with your needs are identified as top scorers and recommended for interviews.

After the interviews and tests, you will receive a comprehensive set of insights. This includes an overview of the test results, which may consist of multiple tests depending on the profile. The scores obtained by candidates will be presented to showcase their performance on a scale. Additionally, you will receive a concise personality assessment that helps gauge how well the candidate would fit within your work environment and culture. Furthermore, we provide detailed comments and information about the 1:1 interviews conducted by our CTOs or Senior Experts.

While we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of fit, we ensure that the recommended candidates are highly qualified for the project and possess the necessary skills to accomplish the assigned tasks. To further instill trust, we encourage a final interview with the candidates of your choice. This allows you to personally assess their suitability for your specific project requirements.

If time is a crucial factor, we can expedite the screening process and complete it within a few weeks. However, we believe that rushing such a significant decision may not yield the best outcome. If you have an urgent need to fill a position, we recommend considering our pre-vetted service, add.experts, where you can initiate the process in a matter of days.

Typically, we evaluate the candidates you provide us for evaluation. In most cases, any platform or goal mismatch becomes evident through our testing process, allowing us to quickly