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We know how hard it is to find high quality experts.
We provide quality vetted experts for you.

  • All Experts are carefully selected, and continiously vetted.
  • Seemless integration into your project or team.
  • No risk – cancel monthly.
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Who has time to work through endless stacks of experts application
just to land a bad apple? We help you select the best with our
AI powered screening.

  • We test your candidates.
  • Skills and Expertise are carefully tested and matched with your requirements.
  • You receive Hands-On Screening & Testing Results for the best,
    so you can make the right choice.


If you get stuck on a problem you don’t have the experience in your team – we are here to help.
With our mentor.experts you’ll cut through your challenges in no time.
  • We help you to clearly identify your challenges.
  • In 3 Sessions, we provide you with the next steps to take.
  • No timeline delays, no resource problems – just solutions you can handle.

Why managed.experts?


Starting at
50 EUR

Hourly rate for your experts.

Guaranteed the right expert for your project.

  • We find the right fit for you
  • Never question quality
    ever again
  • No risk, cancel monthly


Starting at
997 EUR
One time fee per role.
Save time by using our AI-enhanced-Screening.
  • We find the right fit for you
  • Make easy decisions without second guessing quality & culture fit ever again


Starting at
1.699 EUR
One time fee for 3 sessions

Find solutions for your
challenges in 3 sessions.

  • Access our fast database
    of experts – who have done
    it all instead of trying to
    figure everything out yourself


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Patrick Güra

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Mihai Singeorzean

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About us

azmplus, with its 20-year track record, has been a trusted partner to 160+ clients, with more than a million project hours delivering diverse services through a team of experts. Our latest offering, managed.experts, helps you assemble a high-performing team of experts tailored to your needs. Our strength lies in understanding and addressing client needs with innovative solutions. We’re dedicated to meeting client needs with innovative solutions and fostering strong partnership. Choose managed.experts – together, we will deliver.